Appreciative Gratitude: Sending Thank You Message To Boss After Resignation

Have you recently resigned from your job and you’re not quite sure what to say to your boss? It’s a tough situation, but sending a thank you message to your boss after resignation can be a great way to show your appreciation for the time you spent at the company. Whether you were at your previous job for just a few months or many years, sending a thoughtful thank you message can help maintain a positive relationship with your former boss and colleagues.

Thankfully, there’s no need to stress over what to say in your message. There are plenty of examples available online that you can use as inspiration and edit to fit your specific situation. Whether you prefer to keep your message short and sweet or want to express gratitude in a more detailed way, there are options out there for everyone.

So, take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, and browse through some thank you message examples. With a little bit of thought and editing, you’ll be able to craft a message that will show your boss how much you appreciated working with them and the company. Don’t underestimate the power of a sincere thank you – it can go a long way in maintaining positive relationships and leaving a good impression.

The Best Structure for Thank You Message To Boss After Resignation

If you’ve recently resigned from your job, it’s important to take the time to say thank you to your boss. Thanking your boss after resignation is not only a courteous and professional thing to do, but it can also help to maintain a positive relationship with the company and your former colleagues. In this article, we’ll provide you with the best structure for crafting a thank you message to your boss after resignation.

1. Begin with a heartfelt opening statement

Start your thank you message with a genuine expression of appreciation to your boss for the opportunity they have given you. Be specific in your statement of gratitude. Highlight the positive things that you’ve learned from your boss, the specific accomplishments you’ve achieved, and any other positive experiences that you’ve had working for the company. It’s important to make your opening statement sincere, as this sets the tone for the rest of the message.

Example: “Dear [boss’s name], I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity you’ve given me to work at [company name].”

2. Express your appreciation for your boss’s support

Take the time to express your appreciation for the support and guidance your boss has given you during your tenure at the company. This is an opportunity to highlight the specific ways in which your boss has made a positive impact on your life and career. You might mention the times when your boss provided constructive feedback, supported you in a challenging situation, or helped you to develop professionally.

Example: “I will always remember the kindness and support you showed me during my time at [company name]. Your guidance helped me to grow both personally and professionally, and I feel grateful for the valuable lessons I’ve learned from you.”

3. Acknowledge any challenges

If you’ve experienced any challenges or difficult situations during your tenure at the company, use this opportunity to acknowledge them. Be gracious and diplomatic in your approach, avoiding blame or negativity. This can help to leave the door open for future opportunities at the company, and also helps to maintain a positive relationship with your boss.

Example: “I understand that we faced some tough challenges during my time at the company, but I appreciate how you handled them. Your leadership and support were invaluable, and I’m grateful for the way you helped me navigate those difficulties.”

4. Close with a positive statement

Finally, close your thank you message with a positive statement. Reiterate your gratitude for the opportunity you’ve had at the company, and express a desire to remain in touch. Wish your boss and the company continued success, and leave the door open for future opportunities.

Example: “Once again, thank you for everything. I will miss the team, but I look forward to staying in touch. I wish you and the company success, and hope our paths cross again in the future.”

In conclusion, crafting a thank you message to your boss after resignation is important for maintaining positive relationships and leaving a good impression. By following these simple guidelines and creating a heartfelt message, you’ll be sure to leave your boss with a positive impression of your time at the company.

Seven Thank You Messages to Boss after Resignation

Thank You for the Opportunity to Improve My Career

Dear [Boss’s Name],

As I prepare to leave the company, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the opportunities you’ve afforded me during my tenure. Your guidance and support have been indispensable to me in growing and refining my skills. I feel confident in my ability to succeed in my next endeavor because of the training and experience I’ve gained here.

Thank you again for being an exceptional boss and mentor. Your influence will continue to motivate me, and I hope that our paths cross again in the future.


[Your Name]

Thank You for the Support during My Personal Crisis

Dear [Boss’s Name],

As you know, I’m resigning from my position due to personal reasons. During this difficult time, your unwavering support and understanding have been a source of comfort for me. You’ve gone above and beyond to accommodate my needs, and I’ll forever cherish your empathy and guidance.

Because of your generosity and kindness, I felt valued as an employee and as a human being. I’ll always remember your exceptional leadership and the positive impact you’ve had on my life. Thank you for everything.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

Thank You for the Opportunities to Innovate

Dear [Boss’s Name],

It has been an honor to work for you in this innovative and dynamic company. Your dedication to staying ahead of the curve has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new avenues of growth. Thank you for trusting me to lead several successful projects, to share my ideas, and to put them into action.

I’m leaving with pride and appreciation for the experiences garnered here. Thank you for being not only my boss but also a mentor and friend.

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

Thank You for Being a Great Mentor and Role Model

Dear [Boss’s Name],

I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me personally and professionally. You’ve been an extraordinary mentor, a confidant, and a role model. You’ve inspired me to be passionate about my work, to embrace challenges, and to explore the heights of my potential.

Your excellence in leadership and management has shown me the kind of boss I aspire to be one day. I’m sure that wherever my career takes me, the lessons you’ve instilled in me will prove invaluable. I’m humbled to have had the opportunity to work under your leadership and be part of such a remarkable team.


[Your Name]

Thank You for Helping Me Navigate My Career Change

Dear [Boss’s Name],

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks for all your assistance and guidance during my transition from one field to another. Your unwavering support, valuable insights, and constructive feedback played a huge role in helping me achieve my goals and make this career change a success.

I’m grateful to you for taking the time to help me craft a plan that led me to a more fulfilling career. Your professionalism, sincerity, and kindness made the journey smoother and less daunting. Thank you for being an exceptional leader and mentor.

With appreciation,

[Your Name]

Thank You for Understanding My Need to Advance

Dear [Boss’s Name],

I write to you today with mixed feelings but, at the same time, with much gratitude. I’m leaving the company because I’ve been offered another job that will give me the chance to grow in my career and advance in ways that will benefit me and my family.

I leave with great memories and am thankful for the chances you gave me to learn, expand my skills, and make meaningful contributions to the company. Your encouragement and faith in me have been indispensable throughout my journey here. I’ll always cherish our time together and the impact you’ve had on me.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

Thank You for Fostering a Positive Work Environment

Dear [Boss’s Name],

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter as I resign from my position. I’m grateful for the wonderful experiences and opportunities in the company, and I’m particularly thankful for the positive work environment shared among employees under your leadership.

Your kindness, understanding, and empathy have made this company a special place to work. I’ll always be proud of the meaningful contributions I’ve made to the company and the support provided to me as an employee, and I thank you for creating a positive work culture that has made work enjoyable.

Thank you again for everything.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Tips for Writing a Thank You Message to Your Boss After Resignation

Resigning from a job can be a difficult decision but sometimes it’s the right one for personal and professional growth. Writing a thank you message to your boss after resignation is a great way to express your gratitude and show your appreciation for your time working together. Here are some tips to help you write a thoughtful and professional resignation thank you message:

  • Be sincere and honest: Express your gratitude and how much you have valued your time working with your boss and the organization. Don’t forget to mention key experiences or lessons you have learned.
  • Keep it concise: Keep your message brief and to the point but don’t sound abrupt or rude.
  • Use professional language: Even if your boss is someone you consider a friend, it’s important to use professional language in the message. You don’t want to come across as unprofessional or disrespectful.
  • Mention your future plans: Briefly mention your future plans and how you will use what you’ve learned in your future career endeavors. This will show that you appreciate the opportunity given to you and looking forward to the next journey.
  • Personalize it: Customize your message with a personal touch to show that you have put in the extra effort to write this message.
  • Send it ASAP: Don’t delay in sending your thank you message. The sooner you send it, the more memorable it will be.

The goal of writing a thank you message to your boss after resignation is to leave on a positive note and maintain a good relationship with your former boss and coworkers. Even if you are moving on to a new job, your former boss can still serve as a valuable reference, so it’s important to maintain that relationship. By using the above tips to help you write a sincere and professional resignation thank you message, you can leave with a clear conscience and a sense of accomplishment.

FAQs Related to Thank You Message To Boss After Resignation

What should I include in my thank you message to my boss after resignation?

In your thank you message to your boss after resignation, you should include your gratitude towards your boss, express your appreciation for the opportunities given to you, and offer your willingness to help, if needed.

Is it necessary to thank my boss after resignation?

Thanking your boss after resignation is not compulsory but it is considered a good professional gesture that can help you maintain a positive relationship with your former employer.

Should I send a thank you message to my boss through email?

Sending a thank you message to your boss via email is an appropriate method of conveying your gratitude. However, if you have a personal level of interaction, a handwritten note or card may be more appreciated.

What is the best time to send a thank you message to my boss after resignation?

The best time to send a thank you message to your boss after resignation is on the last day of your work or within a week of your departure.

Can I ask my boss for a reference in my thank you message?

Yes, you certainly can ask your boss for a reference in your thank you message. However, it’s crucial not to make it the sole focus of your communication. Ensure that you express genuine gratitude towards your boss as well.

Should I mention the reason for leaving my job in the thank you message?

It’s always best to keep the thank you message short and sweet. You can briefly mention your reason for leaving the job in the message, but it’s not necessary. The focus should be on saying thank you, expressing appreciation, and maintaining a positive relationship with your boss.

Can I send the same thank you message to all my colleagues and coworkers?

If you have worked with a lot of colleagues and coworkers, you can send a message to each one, but it’s not necessary to send the same message to everyone. Putting effort into customizing the message will make it more impactful.

What if my boss doesn’t respond to my thank you message?

Don’t take it personally if your boss doesn’t respond to your thank you message right away. They may be busy or preoccupied. If you don’t receive a response, you can follow up politely in a week or two and let them know that you appreciated their support.

Final Thoughts

I want to end this article by saying thank you for reading. I hope this guide has helped you in figuring out the perfect words to express your gratitude towards your boss. Resigning from a job is a tough decision, and it takes courage to do so. But expressing your thanks to your boss can lighten the load on both your conscience and theirs, and leave a positive impact on your professional relationship.

Remember, expressing gratitude should not be a one-time thing. It’s always wise to show your appreciation regularly, even as you move on to new horizons. So, keep visiting our blog for more exciting career insights and tips. Thanks for being with us!