How Much is a Book of Stamps at Food Lion: Pricing and Availability

If you’re looking to purchase stamps in bulk, then you might be wondering how much a book of stamps costs at Food Lion. As it turns out, a standard book of USPS stamps at most Food Lion locations will set you back $11. This is the price for a book of 20 Forever Stamps, which means that you’ll be able to use them to ship letters and packages within the United States, regardless of whether the price of postage goes up or down in the future.

While the price of stamps may seem insignificant, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you make a purchase, particularly if you’re buying in bulk. If you’re planning to send out a lot of mail, then purchasing a book of stamps at Food Lion can be a convenient and cost-effective option. Just keep in mind that the price may fluctuate from one location to the next.

So, if you’re in need of stamps and you’d rather not deal with the hassle of going to the post office, then buying a book of stamps from your local Food Lion can be a practical solution. And at a cost of just $11 for a full book of Forever Stamps, it’s an affordable and convenient way to ensure that you have enough postage on hand to get your letters and packages where they need to go.

The History of Stamps

Stamps have come a long way since the first stamp was introduced in the United Kingdom back in 1840. Known as the Penny Black, it featured a portrait of Queen Victoria and was used to prepay postage for letters and newspapers. The Penny Black was a huge success, enabling the sending of multiple items to different destinations at once, and ultimately heralding the era of mass communication.

Since the Penny Black, stamps have evolved considerably in their designs, uses, and technologies. In the US, stamps have been issued for multiple purposes such as commemoration of historical events, iconic personalities, and topical issues. They have also come in various shapes, sizes and forms, including self-adhesive and peel-and-stick formats that have made postage much more convenient to use.

Interesting Facts about Stamps

  • The world’s most valuable stamp is the British Guiana One-Cent Magenta, which was sold for $9.48 million at a Sotheby’s auction in 2014.
  • The first US postage stamp was issued in 1847 and featured a portrait of Benjamin Franklin.
  • The 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, was the first event to have its own set of commemorative stamps.

Book of Stamps at Food Lion

Food Lion is a popular retailer that sells stamps in its stores. A book of stamps at Food Lion is currently priced at $11. This price is subject to change and may vary depending on your location.

If you’re looking to purchase stamps, Food Lion is a convenient place to do so, especially if you’re already there to buy grocery items.

You can also purchase stamps online through the USPS website, where they often have more extensive designs and themes available for collectors. However, if you need stamps urgently, buying them at Food Lion is a simple and practical option.

Retailer Price of a Book of Stamps
USPS $11.00
Food Lion $11.00
Walmart $11.00

Regardless of where you buy your stamps, they remain an essential tool for sending mail and staying connected with those we care about. As we continue to move into a more digital world, stamps remain a reminder of the power of physical communication, and of the history and impact that stamps have had in shaping our world.

Current cost of stamps in the US

Stamps are essential in the United States Postal Service (USPS) for sending mail within and outside the country. The pricing of stamps refers to the amount a person must pay to purchase a stamp for their mail. The cost of stamps within the US changes due to varying factors such as inflation, cost of distribution, packaging, and transportation among others.

  • Postcard stamps currently cost $0.36 each
  • First-Class Mail Forever stamps currently cost $0.55 each
  • First-Class Mail International Forever stamps currently cost $1.20 each

It is essential to note that First-Class Mail Forever stamps are always valid for the current First-Class Mail one-ounce price, even if the price of stamps increases after purchase. This feature makes them a good investment for those who frequently use stamps for mailing.

Stamps are available for purchase in different locations, including grocery stores such as Food Lion. The cost of stamps in Food Lion may vary based on location, but they typically range from the same rate as those sold at USPS, which is the same for most locations across the country.

Stamps Type Current Stamps Cost
Postcard stamps $0.36 each
First-Class Mail Forever stamps $0.55 each
First-Class Mail International Forever stamps $1.20 each

It is important to stay up to date with the current cost of stamps in the US to ensure that the proper postage is paid and your mail arrives at its destination. You can check the current rates on the USPS website and purchase stamps in various locations like Food Lion.

Retailers that sell stamps

If you’re looking to purchase stamps, you don’t necessarily have to go to the post office. Stamps can be found at various retailers across the United States. One of the most popular retailers that sell postage stamps is Food Lion.

  • Food Lion:
    Food Lion stores are spread across the east coast of the United States. The store sells all types of stamps, including single stamps, booklets, rolls, and even special editions. You can buy stamps from Food Lion’s customer service desk without making a separate trip to the post office.
  • Walmart:
    Walmart is a mega-store that is known for selling everything under the sun. Postage stamps are no exception. Most Walmart stores carry a supply of postage stamps that can be purchased at the checkout register.
  • CVS:
    CVS is a pharmacy chain that is located all over the United States. In addition to selling health and beauty products, CVS also has a stock of postage stamps that can be purchased in-store or online.

Types of stamps sold at retailers

In addition to typical Forever Stamps, many retailers sell special edition stamps and customized stamps. Special edition stamps have unique designs and are often released in honor of a special occasion or event. Customized stamps can be printed with a personal photo or image of your choice.

Comparing stamp prices at various retailers

Though the price of postage stamps is typically the same across all retailers, sometimes retailers run promotions or discounts that can make a difference in price. Additionally, it’s important to take into account the convenience factor: getting stamps while grocery shopping at Food Lion or Walmart may save you time compared to going out of your way to a post office.

Retailer Price of a Book of Stamps
USPS $11.00
Food Lion $11.00
Walmart $11.00
CVS $11.00

As you can see, the price of a book of stamps is the same across retailers, making it easy to choose the most convenient store to make your purchase.

Food Lion’s History and Background

Since its inception in 1957, Food Lion has grown to become one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States. Founded by the Ketner family in Salisbury, North Carolina, Food Lion’s mission has always been to provide customers with high-quality, affordable groceries. Today, the chain operates over 1,000 stores in 10 states, employing over 68,000 people.

Company Values and Philosophy

  • Food Lion’s commitment to sustainability has led to numerous environmental initiatives to reduce waste and energy use across all its stores.
  • The chain also places a strong emphasis on community involvement, regularly partnering with local organizations to support various causes and events in the areas where they operate.
  • Food Lion prides itself on offering fresh, healthy food options at competitive prices, with a focus on supporting local farmers and producers.

Efforts to Improve Customer Experience

As part of its ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, Food Lion has implemented several strategies to streamline shopping and enhance the in-store experience. These include:

  • Revamping store layouts and design to improve navigation and provide more space for fresh produce and other key areas.
  • Expanding its private-label brands to offer more value and variety to customers.
  • Introducing Convenient Meal Solutions, a program aimed at providing quick, easy, and affordable meal options for busy shoppers.
  • Investing in technology and digital platforms to offer more convenient shopping options such as online ordering and curbside pickup.

Stamp Prices at Food Lion

Now that we’ve covered some of the background and values of Food Lion, let’s dive into the main topic of this article: the cost of stamps at Food Lion. As of August 2021, a book of 20 First-Class stamps at Food Lion costs $11.20. For those looking to purchase a smaller quantity, individual stamps can be bought at the current First-Class stamp price of $0.58 each.

Stamp Type Quantity Price
First-Class Stamps 1 $0.58
First-Class Stamps 20 $11.20

It’s worth noting that stamp prices are subject to change, and Food Lion may offer promotions or discounts on stamps from time to time. It’s always best to check with your local store or the USPS website to confirm current prices and availability.

Food Lion’s Current Business Operations

Food Lion, a supermarket chain established in 1957, has over 1,000 stores across 10 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states. The company operates under the banner of Ahold Delhaize, a Dutch retail company that owns several other supermarkets, including Hannaford and Stop & Shop.

Services Offered by Food Lion

  • Food Lion offers a wide range of grocery products, including fresh produce, meat, bakery items, and dairy products.
  • The supermarket chain also has a pharmacy section that offers prescription refills, flu shots, and other health services.
  • Food Lion’s website and mobile app enable customers to order groceries online for curbside or home delivery.

COVID-19 Response by Food Lion

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Food Lion has implemented measures to ensure the safety of its customers and associates:

  • The supermarket chain has installed plexiglass barriers at checkout counters to reduce exposure between customers and associates.
  • Food Lion requires all associates to wear masks, and has strongly encouraged customers to do the same.
  • The company also has increased its hygiene and sanitation efforts, focusing on high-touch areas such as shopping carts and baskets, checkout lanes, and restrooms.
  • To reduce the number of people in stores, Food Lion has implemented social distancing by limiting the number of customers allowed in stores at one time.

Cost of a Book of Stamps at Food Lion

As of 2021, a book of stamps at Food Lion costs $11. This is based on the current price set by the United States Postal Service, which applies to all retail locations that sell stamps.

Quantity per Book Price per Book
20 $11

Food Lion sells books of stamps at all its stores, so customers can easily purchase them while shopping for groceries.

Food Lion’s Partnership with the United States Postal Service

Food Lion is a popular grocery chain in the United States that has been serving customers for over 60 years. Along with providing fresh produce and other goods, it has also partnered with the United States Postal Service to offer convenient mailing services to its customers. Here are some facts about the partnership:

  • Food Lion has more than 550 stores across the eastern and southern parts of the United States, making it a convenient option for customers who need to mail packages or buy stamps.
  • The partnership allows customers to purchase stamps, ship packages, and even drop off pre-labeled packages without having to visit a post office location.
  • In addition to stamps and shipping services, Food Lion also offers a selection of shipping boxes and other packaging supplies for purchase.

So how much do stamps cost at Food Lion? As of June 2021, the cost of a book of stamps (containing 20 stamps) at Food Lion is $11.20. This price is in line with the current cost of stamps at post office locations and other retail partners.

Overall, the Food Lion and United States Postal Service partnership is a great convenience for customers who need to mail packages or purchase stamps. With locations across a wide geographic area and a selection of packaging supplies available, Food Lion is a valuable resource for anyone who needs to ship items without the hassle of visiting a post office.

Service Price at Food Lion (as of June 2021)
Book of 20 stamps $11.20
Priority Mail Starting at $7.70
Express Mail Starting at $26.35

Overall, Food Lion’s partnership with the United States Postal Service is a convenient and cost-effective way for customers to purchase stamps, mail packages, and ship other items. With competitive prices and a selection of packaging supplies available, this partnership is a great resource for anyone who needs to get their packages in the mail quickly and efficiently.

Availability of Stamps at Food Lion Stores

If you’re in need of purchasing postage stamps, you may wonder if you can get them at your local grocery store. The good news is, Food Lion stores do carry postage stamps. However, availability may vary by location.

  • Some Food Lion stores may have an actual post office inside, where you can buy stamps and take care of other postal needs.
  • Other Food Lion stores may have a postage stamp vending machine located inside the store, which allows you to purchase stamps on your own.
  • If your Food Lion store doesn’t have a post office or vending machine, you can simply ask a cashier if stamps are available for purchase. They will be able to direct you to the correct location in the store.

It’s important to note that not all Food Lion stores may carry stamps, so it’s best to call your local store ahead of time to confirm availability.

Food Lion Store Type Stamp Availability
Stores with Post Office Available
Stores with Stamp Vending Machine Available
Stores without Post Office or Vending Machine Availability Varies – Ask Cashier

Overall, while not all Food Lion stores may carry postage stamps, it’s worth checking with your local store to see if they have them available. Whether you need to mail a letter, package, or just want to stock up on stamps, it’s convenient to be able to pick them up while you’re grocery shopping.

Comparison of Stamp Prices at Other Retailers

While Food Lion offers a convenient option for purchasing stamps, it’s always worth comparing prices at other retailers to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Here are some examples of stamp prices at other popular retailers:

  • USPS: A book of 20 First-Class Forever stamps at the USPS costs slightly more than at Food Lion, priced at $11.00.
  • Walmart: Walmart offers a book of 20 First-Class Forever stamps for $11.55.
  • Target: A book of 20 First-Class Forever stamps at Target costs $11.00, matching the price at the USPS.

As you can see, while prices may vary slightly between retailers, they tend to stay consistent. However, it’s always worth double-checking before purchasing to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

In addition, some retailers offer discounts for buying stamps in bulk or online. For example, on the USPS website, a roll of 100 First-Class Forever stamps costs $55.00, saving you $5.00 compared to buying five packs of 20 stamps at $11.00 each.

Ultimately, the price of stamps may seem small, but it can add up over time. By shopping around and taking advantage of discounts, you can save yourself some extra cash in the long run.

Retailer Price for Book of 20 First-Class Forever Stamps
Food Lion $10.00
USPS $11.00
Walmart $11.55
Target $11.00

Overall, it’s worth taking the time to compare prices at different retailers and explore discounts and bulk purchasing options. Doing so can help ensure you’re getting the best value for your money when buying stamps.

Standard book of stamps versus Forever stamps

The United States Postal Service (USPS) sells postage stamps in different formats, including books of stamps, sheets of stamps, and rolls of stamps. In this article, we will focus specifically on books of stamps, which are the most popular format due to their convenience and accessibility. When it comes to books of stamps, there are two main types: standard books of stamps and Forever books of stamps. Let’s compare the two:

  • Standard books of stamps: A standard book of stamps contains 20 stamps, each with a value of the current First-Class Mail one-ounce rate. The USPS increases the price of stamps periodically, so the cost of a standard book of stamps may vary. As of August 2021, a standard book of stamps costs $11.00 at Food Lion.
  • Forever books of stamps: A Forever book of stamps, on the other hand, contains 20 Forever stamps, which are stamps that can be used to mail a one-ounce letter regardless of the current postage rate. Forever stamps are called “Forever” because they will always be worth the current First-Class Mail one-ounce rate, even if the price of postage increases in the future. As of August 2021, a Forever book of stamps costs $11.00 at Food Lion, which means that each stamp in the book is worth $0.55.

So, what’s the advantage of buying a Forever book of stamps instead of a standard book of stamps? It’s simple: Forever stamps provide peace of mind. They allow you to purchase stamps at the current postage rate and use them anytime in the future, even if the rate increases. This way, you won’t have to worry about having to pay additional fees or buy new stamps to make up the difference.

Another benefit of buying Forever stamps is that they’re always in demand. Since they’re valid “forever,” their value will never decrease, and you can use them at any time. This makes them a valuable investment, especially if you plan to use a significant number of stamps in the future. If you’re looking to buy stamps in bulk, a Forever book of stamps may be a better choice than a standard book of stamps.


Whether you choose to buy a standard book of stamps or a Forever book of stamps at Food Lion, the USPS, or any other location, it’s essential to know the difference between the two. While both options are valid, Forever stamps offer a peace of mind that can be invaluable for everyday mailers and bulk purchasers alike. By being aware of your options, you can make an informed decision and ensure that your postage needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Type of Book of Stamps Number of Stamps Cost Value per Stamp
Standard Book of Stamps 20 $11.00 $0.55
Forever Book of Stamps 20 $11.00 $0.55

Note: Prices and values are accurate as of August 2021 and are subject to change.

Alternative methods of postage aside from stamps.

When it comes to sending mail, stamps are not the only option available. Here are some alternative methods of postage:

  • Postage Meter – A postage meter is a machine that prints postage directly onto envelopes or labels. This option is commonly used by businesses for bulk mailings.
  • Online Postage – With online postage services like, you can print postage from home or work and avoid the hassle of going to the post office.
  • Prepaid Postcards – These postcards have the postage already paid for and are available at most post offices. They are a convenient option for sending short messages or reminders.

While these options may not be as widely used as stamps, they are worth considering if you have specific postage needs.

How much is a book of stamps at Food Lion?

At Food Lion, you can purchase a book of 20 First-Class Forever stamps for $11.00. This means that each stamp costs $0.55.

The cost of stamps over time

The cost of stamps has increased over time due to inflation and other factors. Here is a table of historical stamp prices:

Year Price
1863 $0.03
1917 $0.03
1932 $0.03
1958 $0.04
1963 $0.05
1971 $0.08
1974 $0.10
1991 $0.29
2001 $0.34
2006 $0.39
2009 $0.44
2012 $0.45
2014 $0.49
2018 $0.50
2021 $0.55

As you can see, the price of stamps has increased steadily over time, but at a relatively slow rate.

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