Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter: A Professional Guide

Dear all,

As much as it pains me to say this, I have recently made the difficult decision to resign from my current position. Please find attached my resignation letter, which outlines my reasons for leaving and expresses my gratitude towards all of my colleagues.

I understand that this news may come as a surprise to many of you. Rest assured, this decision was not made lightly. After much reflection and consideration, I have determined that it is time for me to move on from this role and explore other opportunities.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone at this company for all of the support and guidance that I have received during my time here. I have learned so much and have grown both personally and professionally.

For those who may be considering writing their own resignation letter, I encourage you to take advantage of the many examples and templates available online. These resources can help ensure that your letter is professional, clear, and respectful.

In closing, please know that I will always value the relationships that I have formed here. It has been an honor to work alongside such talented and dedicated individuals.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

The Best Structure for “Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter”

Are you planning to resign from your current job? It’s essential to write a resignation letter to inform your employer about your decision. However, crafting a resignation letter can be daunting, particularly if you’re not familiar with the proper structure.

To begin with, ensure that your letter has a professional look and feel. Use a business letter format with a clear and concise font type and size, such as Times New Roman or Arial. Also, format your resignation letter in a way that is easy to read by using bullet points or numbered paragraphs. This will make it easier for your employer to understand and respond to your letter.

Next, start your letter by addressing it to your direct supervisor. If you’re uncertain who to address, you may want to contact your human resources department to confirm their name and title. Greet your employer respectfully and straightforwardly by opening the letter with “Dear Mr./Mrs. [Name]”.

In the first paragraph, briefly state your intention to resign and the date when your resignation will become effective. It’s also helpful to thank your employer for the opportunity to work in the company and describe the valuable experience you gained while working there.

In the second paragraph, explain the reason for your resignation, if necessary. Keep your explanation short and sweet, and avoid being negative or critical about the company or your colleagues. Remember that the goal of your resignation letter is to provide a professional and courteous notification to your employer.

In the third paragraph, mention any transition plans you have. It’s always helpful to offer your assistance with the transition or to provide contact information where you can be reached if there are any questions or concerns after your departure.

Finally, close your letter with a polite and professional tone. Offer your sincere gratitude for the opportunities you’ve had and end the letter by writing “Sincerely” followed by your name and signature.

In conclusion, following a clear and straightforward structure for your resignation letter will ensure that your message is delivered clearly and courteously. Remember to keep your writing professional and respectful, regardless of the reason for your resignation.

7 Samples of “Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter” for Different Reason

Sample 1: Career Advancement

Dear [Employer],

It is with a heavy heart that I tender my resignation, effective [date], to pursue another opportunity that will allow me to further develop my skills and competencies. I am incredibly grateful for the experience and training I have received during my time here, and I look forward to taking this new knowledge forward with me.

I have accepted a position with a company that will allow me to work on a variety of challenging projects that align with my career goals and aspirations. It is an opportunity that I could not pass up, and I appreciate your understanding and support.

Thank you for everything you have done for me during my tenure here. I am proud to have been a part of such a fantastic team and workplace. If there is anything else I can do to assist in the transition process, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Sample 2: Personal Reasons

Dear [Employer],

I am writing to inform you that I have decided to resign from my position with the company due to personal reasons. After much reflection and consideration, I have realized that my current commitments are impeding my ability to perform at my best.

I appreciate the opportunities given to me during my time with the company and the support of management, staff, and colleagues. I have enjoyed working with everyone in the organization and will miss the camaraderie of the workplace.

Thank you for understanding my circumstances and for your continued support. I regret that this decision has to be made now and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to ensure a smooth transition during my remaining time with the organization.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Sample 3: Relocation

Dear [Employer],

Please accept this letter as formal notification of my resignation from my position at [Company], effective from [date], due to the need for me to relocate to [name of city], which is far beyond commuting distance.

I am saddened to leave behind my colleagues, who have been supportive and friendly throughout my time at the company. I appreciate the opportunities that the company provided me with over the years, which have been intellectually rewarding and have helped to hone my professional skills.

Please let me know what you require to facilitate a smooth handover of my work. Thanks again for having me onboard and, hopefully, our paths will cross again in the future.


[Your Name]

Sample 4: Health Reasons

Dear [Employer],

It is with great regret that I submit my resignation from my position at [Company]. Due to health issues, I have been advised by my doctor that I have to reduce my work hours, and I can no longer continue with a full-time workload.

I thank you for our cordial engagement, kind assistance, and constructive feedback throughout my time with the company. I have learned a lot from my role as part of an exceptional organization and am grateful for the opportunity offered to me.

Please let me know how I can assist in the transition process. I will ensure that my work is completed before I leave and will be available for consultation on any upcoming projects should that be necessary.

Thank you again for everything. I will always hold this company in high esteem.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Sample 5: Unresolved Conflict

Dear [Employer],

I regretfully inform you that I am resigning from my position at [Company]. This decision was not an easy one, but I have found myself faced with ongoing workplace conflict that I have been unable to resolve despite several attempts.

Despite the conflict, I want to thank you for the opportunities given to me over the years with the company. I have learned so much in my time here and have grown both personally and professionally.

Please do let me know what you require to make my transition out of the company smooth. Thank you again for everything and I wish you and the company all the best in the future.


[Your Name]

Sample 6: Career Change

Dear [Employer],

It is with both regret and excitement that I am writing to tender my resignation as [position] at [Company]. I have immensely enjoyed my time working here. Still, after careful consideration, a new opportunity has arisen that will allow me to further pursue my interests and career aspirations.

Thank you for all the valuable experience, support, and opportunities that you have given me. I will cherish the knowledge, skills, and experience that I have gained here.

I will ensure that my work is completed before my last working day and that all important information is handed over to my colleagues to ensure that there are no disruptions to projects underway.

Please let me know what I can do to make the transition smooth and effortless for the company during this period of change.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Sample 7: End of Contract

Dear [Employer],

I am writing to give my formal notice of resignation from [Company], effective from [date], which marks the end of my current contract term.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to contribute to your company and for all your support during my tenure with the company. I have learned a lot from your company, my colleagues, and everyone I have encountered during my work here.

I hope to maintain the excellent relationship we have had with the company. If possible, I look forward to future opportunities to work together again.

Thank you again for the fantastic experience. I leave knowing that I have personally grown and developed significantly during my time here, and it has been a pleasure being part of such a fantastic team.


[Your Name]

Tips for Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter

Resigning from a job is an important decision that involves careful consideration and planning. To ensure that your resignation letter is well-received and leaves a positive impression, here are some related tips:

1. Keep it concise and professional:

Your resignation letter should be brief and to the point. Use a professional tone of voice and avoid including any negative comments or criticism of your employer or colleagues. Focus on your reasons for leaving and express gratitude for the opportunities you’ve had while working there.

2. Use proper formatting:

Make sure your resignation letter is well-organized and easy to read. Use a standard font size and type, and include relevant headings such as the date, your name, and the name of your employer. Also, make sure your letter is free from typos and grammatical errors.

3. Offer to help with the transition:

If possible, offer to assist with the transition by helping to train your replacement or providing a detailed handover report. This shows that you care about the well-being of the company and want to ensure a smooth transition for your colleagues.

4. Follow up with a thank-you note:

After you’ve submitted your resignation letter, consider sending a thank-you note to your supervisor or HR manager. This is a courteous and professional gesture that can leave a positive impression and help you maintain valuable connections in the future.

5. Prepare for the exit interview:

If your employer requests an exit interview, it’s important to be well-prepared and professional. Be honest but diplomatic in your responses, and avoid criticizing your colleagues or employer. This is an opportunity to provide constructive feedback and leave a positive impression.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your resignation letter is well-received and leaves a positive impression. Remember, resigning from a job is a major decision, so it’s important to handle it with care and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions about “Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter”

What is “Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter”?

“Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter” is a phrase used to inform your employer that you are resigning from your current position, and that your resignation letter is attached to the email or letter you are sending.

When should I use “Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter”?

You should use “Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter” when you are submitting your resignation to your current employer. This phrase is commonly used in emails and letters as an introductory sentence to let your employer know that the attached document is your resignation letter.

What should I include in my resignation letter?

Your resignation letter should include your intention to resign, your last day of work, a brief reason for leaving, and expressions of gratitude for your time with the company. Additionally, you should keep a professional tone and avoid negative comments towards your employer or colleagues.

Can I submit my resignation letter without using “Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter”?

Yes, you can submit your resignation letter without using this phrase. However, using this sentence can help make it clear to the employer that the attached document is your resignation letter, especially if you are sending an email with other attachments.

Should I inform my employer in person before submitting my resignation letter?

It is recommended to inform your employer in person before submitting your resignation letter to ensure that your resignation is handled professionally. However, if it is not possible to meet your employer in person, you can send your resignation letter through email or mail.

What should I do after submitting my resignation letter?

After submitting your resignation letter, you should complete any remaining tasks assigned to you and help in the transition of your replacement if necessary. You should also prepare to say goodbye to your colleagues and leave the company on good terms.

Is it okay to send “Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter” in an email?

Yes, it is acceptable to send “Please Find Attached My Resignation Letter” in an email, especially if you are working remotely or do not have the chance to inform your employer in person. However, it is recommended to follow proper email etiquette and keep a professional tone in your message.

Will my resignation letter have an impact on my future job prospects?

Your resignation letter will not have a significant impact on your future job prospects, especially if you leave on good terms with your employer. It is important to maintain positive relationships with your colleagues and employer, as they may provide references, recommendations, or networking opportunities in the future.

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